Next Steps

Next Steps is a series of four events that take place on Wednesday nights designed to move people along on a path of following Jesus. Each event is a “step” that we believe every person at Cornerstone should take to maximize their effectiveness as a believer. Each event is a “step” on a path of significance! Here’s a basic description: 

STEP 1 - Membership (April 12 & May 10)

Learn about the vital beliefs that we hold as a church, and about the vision and mission of Cornerstone.  This class is the only class that is required to be a member(we call them partners!) of Cornerstone. 

STEP 2 - Maturity (April 19 & May 17)

Every believer should be on a path of growth and maturity in Christ.  This class will teach you the essentials of growing in God, and help to get you on a steady path of growth. 

STEP 3 - Ministry (April 26 & May 24)

At Cornerstone, we believe every member is a minister, and has unique gifts and talents that God has endowed them with in order to be fruitful.  This is a fun(even hilarious at times!) class where you take assessments to learn how God has wired you as a believer.  This class helps you "find your fit" in the body of Christ! 

STEP 4 - Mission (May 3 & May 31)

The last Next Steps class is all about our mission as followers of Jesus. Our leader, Christ Himself, has given us a mission as we live here on earth. This class helps you realize the importance of that mission, and gives you practical steps of how we can "partner" together and finish this great work.

  • internal affairs

    Ever had difficulty controlling your temper? Ever felt strife in your home? Has stress ever gotten the best of you?  Have worry, hurt feelings, or discouragement ever overwhelmed your life? In this class, you can learn how to abolish those times forever! Learn to control your feelings 100% of the time through this powerful study on Internal Affairs.

  • The Knot

    Life is fast and hectic and we all wonder where the time goes, but in the middle of life's busyness, we still have to make time to deal with family and marriage issues. This class dives into these issues through video and discussion, and gives you the tools for your marriage to stay strong!

  • Deeper

    Why live on the surface when you could go deeper? God has truths that will liberate you and cause you to live life to the fullest! Join us in Deeper as we dive into the reality of who God has made you to be and what is available to those that discover these truths. Your life will never be the same!

  • rich for good!

    Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money? Did you know that nearly half of Jesus' parables are about possessions? The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined. Get in on this class and get your heart established in how Jesus paid a great price for you to be Rich For Good!

  • young and married

    There’s nothing like “doing life together” with people that you have things in common with. The Young and Married class is designed for younger couples who desire to grow in their relationships and in God’s Word. Come and experience how you can thrive in relationships with people like you and in your walk with Jesus!